Drone regulations in Slovakia

Maximum flight altitude: The Slovakian height limit for drones is 100 meters (330 feet).

Maximum horizontal distance and FPV: In Slovakia, flights with eye contact are possible. The maximum permitted distance between pilots and drone must not exceed 1000 meters.

Compulsory insurance: Copter flights are subject to the insurance obligation for drones in Slovakia.

Maximum take-off weight (MTOW): Private copters must be registered from a starting mass of 20 kg.

Distance to airports: A distance of 5.5 kilometers must be maintained to airports and heliports.

Other safe distances: A distance of 50 meters must be ensured to persons, buildings, ships, and vehicles. A distance of 1500 meters shall be maintained to densely built-up areas and gatherings of people if the drone weighs 7 kilograms or more.

Flight bans: You should not fly over gatherings of people and built-up areas.

Time of operations: In Slovakia, drones may only be used in daylight.

Specific regulations: If you want to make aerial photographs, you need permission from the Ministry of Defense.

Regulations for commercial pilots: Commercial drone pilots need a permit from the traffic authority (permission to perform air works, § 44 Slovak Air Traffic Law). This requires registration of the copter, and you have to pass a theoretical and a practical examination in the Slovakian language in the Transport Authority. An administrative fee of 600 euros will be charged for permission.

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We have researched the listed drone regulations for Slovakia to the best of our knowledge. We can not guarantee the correctness of the information. If you want to be on the safe side, please contact the competent aviation authority. Alternatively, you can also ask the embassy in your country for further information about the regulations. Please leave us a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your copter in Slovakia!

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  • Roman Jeleazco | 02.06.2017

    I have other information about flights in Slovakia. I signed with the consulate of Slovakia and that’s what they told me 12 may 2017:
    “Current law in Slovakia regarding the usage of any drones under 20kg equiped with camera requires a registration of the drone at the Ministry of Defense (with a fee 600 Eur), if they are to be used for commercial purposes (for example commercial photography/video). If it is for your private use, you do not need to register it, but need to abide by the general rules:
    – Flight of a drone cannot endanger security of other airplanes, persons or property on the ground and must respect the preservation of environment with noise and emissions. Therefore it cannot fly higher than 120 meters above the ground and 1km from the person controling it. It must fly at least 50m from any other person, building, boat or vehicle.
    – It cannot fly over inhabited areas or human gatherings
    – Person controling the drone must keep eye contact with drone at any time of its flight
    – Using drone at night is prohibited”

    • Drone Pilot | 12.06.2017

      As living in Slovakia and flying drone here regularly, I can confirm abovementioned rules…
      …and I would add that if you are flying in altitude more than 50m (ground) nobody cares… even if you’ve lost direct eye contact… 😉
      When you choose apropriate place for take-off and landing (out of crowded places, ideally somewhere in the field or on the grass), the people around are mostly friendly, sometimes a bit curious, but I’ve never experienced really bad reaction to drone.

  • Chiriac Claudiu | 21.03.2018

    I’m from Romania, I will go in Slovakia next month.
    Would you be so kind and let me know is I can make some photo’s in Bratislava with a Mavic Pro without “Permission from the Ministry of Defense”?
    Please be so kind and answer me on my personal email.
    Looking forward for your replay

    Thank you in advance.

    • Phill | 26.04.2018

      Strictly legally speaking. No. You can not.
      In reality everyone with drone ignores the law…

      If you fly over people on busy square you are going to get in trouble. If you start from some secluded place on the other side of Donau river and take panoramatic shot of the city, no one will care… (…there were zero fines issued in year 2017… And some 50 euro fines in year 2016, but you would have to do something really stupid to get fined…)

    • Michael | 09.05.2018

      Chiriac Claudiu, could you write something about using drones in Romania?

  • Pawel | 13.01.2019


    This particular website (which looks like official civil aviation website) doesn’t mention compulsory insurance.

    It states that UAV OPERATION ONLY AS MODEL AIRCRAFT above 20kg is subjected to compulsory insurance.

  • Boris | 25.02.2019

    new rules 2019!!!
    for hobby authorization is not necessary
    max height: 120m in unmanned flight space, 30m in managed flight space
    max distance: visual contact or 1000m
    distance from the people, road, buildigns min. 50m
    no flight in night, in forbidden zones, national parks…

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