Drone Laws in South America

It is hard to find the legal information that applies when you want to use a drone in a South America country. This article is a good starting point for you to obtain the details about the drone laws.

For a better overview, we have summarized the provisions vividly in two maps. The first map is for the private use of drones and the second card represents the provisions for commercial drones.

South America map private Placeholder
South America map private
South America map commercial Placeholder
South America map commercial

  • Green indicates that you can use your copter without prior authorization under the applicable regulations. In many cases, you can get a special permit for operations beyond the rules. In some countries, you may fly without authorization, but only without a mounted camera. These countries are not green – but yellow – marked; as most pilots certainly want to create films and photographs.
  • Yellow indicates that you need to register your drone or yourself, you must apply for a permit or you need to pass a test. You will learn the details below.
  • Red indicates that the commissioning of drones is generally prohibited. In these countries, you should be especially careful, because even at the airport your drone can be confiscated partially under the laws or you can be arrested only because of the possession of the drone.
  • Grey means that I have not found reliable information or I do not sufficiently understand the drone laws. If you can help here, I appreciate your comment below the article!

Before you start here, you should also read my article on the international drone laws view. There I list general safety precautions that you should always be aware and call tips for dealing with no-fly areas.

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Drone Rules in South America:

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, ColombiaEcuador, Guyana, Panama, ParaguayPeru, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela

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