About us

Welcome to our blog my-road.de. We are all about travel and camera drones. The faces behind the blog are Sabrina Herrmann (Bina, 27 years) and Francis Markert (30 years) from Germany.

Everything began with our first common journey in New Zealand. Bina was at the other end of the world for seven months and Francis visited her for a few weeks. When Francis came back to Germany, he suddenly realized that he finally wanted to fulfill his long dream of a world trip. There was no turning back!

So in spring 2014, the first preparations began: The trip around the world had to be planned, the apartment had to be canceled and the secure job had to be quit.

After nine months of preparation, the time had come and we boarded a one-way ticket on the plane to Sri Lanka. Originally we wanted to circumnavigate the whole world within one year.

We quickly realized that we liked the slow journey better. We didn’t want to rush from one sight to the next. Instead, we prefer to spend time in the individual countries and sometimes spend several weeks in a city before we move on. The slow traveling simply felt better and so we also have the time to capture unique perspectives with our camera drone (click here for our drone videos).

Bina & Francis in Malaysia

So we finally traveled through Asia for 17 months. During this time we experienced many grandiose adventures, discovered wonderful landscapes and got to know many warm people. We are very grateful for that!

But something was missing in this eventful time: The contact to friends and the family in the homeland. It is very difficult to keep in touch with loved ones in the long run. That’s why we have been looking for a flat in Germany again and now we travel every 1-2 months to another area.

Now we can combine both again: To maintain contact with friends and family as well as to live out our passion for traveling. Now we also want to focus more on other regions outside Asia in order to see the countries that we originally planned for our route.

Here in our travel blog, we write about all the beautiful moments we experience on our travels. It is a lot of fun for us to help you with your travel planning. We have been collecting our travel tips on this website since 2014. Right from the start, we have also included a camera drone in our luggage. First, we used the DJI Phantom 2, meanwhile we fly mainly with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+. Countless hints for the correct operation of multicopters and traveling with copters can be found in our drone blog.

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Thank you so much for being here!

Best regards,
Bina and Francis