Drone Regulations worldwide

More and more travelers want to take their drone to another country. This is the reason why I decided to collect all legal information for different destinations on our weblog. Here you find a collection of the most important rules for drone pilots worldwide!

For a better overview, we have summarized the provisions vividly in two world maps: The first map is for the private use of drones and the second map represents the provisions for commercial drones.


  • Green indicates that you can use your copter without prior authorization under the applicable regulations. In many cases, you can get a special permit for operations beyond the rules. In some countries, you may fly without authorization, but only without a mounted camera. These countries are not green – but yellow – marked; as most pilots certainly want to create films and photographs.
  • Yellow indicates that you need to register your drone or yourself, you must apply for a permit or you need to pass a test. You will learn the details below.
  • Red indicates that the commissioning of drones is prohibited. In these countries, you should be especially careful, because even at the airport your drone can be confiscated partially under the laws or you can be arrested only because of the possession of the drone.
  • Grey means that I have not found reliable information or I do not sufficiently understand the drone laws. If you can help here, I appreciate your comment below the article!

General Security Advice

Before we talk about the legal aspects, I want to give you some guidelines that you should follow in every case. If you follow this rules, you avoid dangerous flight maneuvers. Please accept the following rules and be a good example to other drone pilots:

Helfe mit, dass nicht mehr von diesen Schildern auftauchen

Help us that no more of these signs will appear

  • Keep distance from airports!
  • Make sure you have a special drone liability insurance
  • Keep the drone always in mind. Fly by no means out of sight! If you use an FPV system, then you have a second person following the copter without technical gear
  • Fly only in good weather conditions
  • Respect the privacy of other people
  • If you want to start from private property, you must get the permission of the landowner before the flight
  • Do not fly over crowds (beaches, towns, meetings, …)
  • Do not operate near politically sensitive buildings, prisons, police and military installations, courts, nuclear power plants or at accident sites

In many countries, these rules are part of the legislation, so I will not list them every time again. Stick to it; even if it is not explicitly required in a country. The only way to prevent that is drones get a bad reputation and possibly also banned.

I have now separated rules by continents. With the links below you will jump directly to the rules of the country in another article.

The research for this article took several weeks and the ongoing update process of the current legal situation is extremely time-consuming. Please consider to support us with a donation. Your help makes it possible that we can update and improve this article permanently! Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

Drone Laws in Europe

Drone Laws in Asia

Drone Laws in North America

Drone Laws in South America

Drone Laws in Africa

Drone Laws in Oceania

Drone ban in the Antarctic

  • In the Antarctic, there is a drone ban designed to protect the sensitive nature. The ban is reviewed annually. If you still want to take a drone with you on your trip to Antarctica, you should contact your tour operator well in advance.


For this list of global drone laws, I spent years of research. I read several resources like legal texts, newspaper articles, and forums. Many pages were written in the local language, and I have translated the sources using Google Translate. You can check my references by clicking the “helpful links.”

Originally, I published the articles on my German weblog since 2015. On this site, we received feedback from many travelers. I also took the experiences of other travelers into account.

Of course, I cannot guarantee that the translations are all correct and I have found the correct provisions. If you encounter an error, please leave me a comment. This way we can update the drone terms for that country immediately.

I do my best to keep the global drone rules updated. Thank you for your support!

Have you ever been abroad with your drone? Please share your experience with us in the comments! We are very excited!
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