Drone Laws in Kenya

Flying drones in Kenya

If you want to fly to Kenya with your own camera copter, you have to overcome some hurdles.

Kenya is in the process of writing a drone law. A first version was annulled so that drones are banned in the country. If you fly anyway, you risk fines or jail, according to media reports from November 2019. However, there is hope for drone pilots: Several media outlets are reporting that the drone ban will be lifted soon and that the government is continuing to work on legislation.

In Kenya, drones are banned unless you have obtained permission from the Department of Defense and the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

For approvals, you must contact the following addresses:

[one_half]Ministry of Defence:
The Principal Secretary
Ministry of Defense
P.O. Box 40666-00100
[email protected]

[one_half_last]Kenya Civil Aviation Authority:
The Director General
Kanya Civil Aviation Authority
P.O. Box 30163-00100
[email protected]

Unfortunately, I could not find any direct contacts. Therefore, initially, there remain only the general e-mail addresses of the ministry or the CAA.

According to the Kenyan embassy, permits are only granted in isolated cases for media or film productions. Individuals apparently do not receive permission to operate drones.

Those who can not present the necessary permits at the time of entry must expect that their own drone will be confiscated and kept. On departure, you will get them back as long as you use the same airport. So it makes sense to start the journey home from the same city where you entered the country. Otherwise, you have to leave your drone there.

In addition, it is prohibited to carry drones in your hand luggage. The copter must therefore be in the checked baggage, but you still have to carry the batteries in your hand luggage.

Helpful Links: KCAA Press Release with contact detailsClicking with purpose, eTN

We have researched the listed drone regulations for Kenya to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee the correctness of the information. If you want to be on the safe side, contact the competent aviation authority. Alternatively, you can also ask the embassy in your country for further information about the regulations. Please leave us a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your copter in Kenya!

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  • DPEREZGD | 01.05.2018

    Hello Francis, did you finally get an answer? Did you have any problems with Customs at the Airport? Thank you for your response and also congratulate you for the good blog you have. Greetings.

    • Francis Markert | 29.06.2018

      Sorry, I got no feedback so far. Best, Francis

  • Josey Mras | 23.06.2018

    Hey, i’m a blogger from Kenya and i agree with you that it’s so hard to get a drone in Kenya. I am a creative but the channels of getting and flying a drone in Kenya are so complex.
    It’s high time the revisited the regulations to accommodate all of us (vloggers too)

    • Francis Markert | 29.06.2018


  • John | 13.07.2018

    Am a drone pilot based in Kenya. A Kenyan by nationality, bought my drone before the laws were enacted currently applied for the licence. Though not out am still flying my drone since I was given a go ahead by the ministry as we await processing of the licence

    • Simon Ngotho, FAA Licensed Remote Pilot Instructor. | 23.07.2018

      I’m a Kenyan Born and an FAA Licensed Commercial Remote Pilot Instructor and I have been doing operations all over USA. I teach in most Colleges and have been preparing Remote Pilots obtain their FAA Licenses. However, other African countries have started operations including transportation of Emergency Supplies including Search and Rescue using Drones.
      What’s causing these delays in Kenya? Can we have Guidelines as we wait to get policies in place?

      At least we are moving in the right direction but after reading the current Rules published in the Kenya Gazette dated on February 7th, 2018, the pricing schedule is rather unacceptable and needs thorough input from the Parliament otherwise Kenya will continue lagging behind in this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry!

      Please Note: Sky-View Consultants – Kenyan Owned, USA Based Firm has been offering Remote Pilot Drone Classes in Most Colleges in USA and is opening a branch in Kenya starting January 2019. You can Book your classes Now by calling +001-508-579-3178 or emailing [email protected]. I can also be contacted through my Linkedin Profile – Simon Ngotho

      Keep on Keeping us informed! Great Work Francis!

  • Joost | 19.07.2018

    Hi Everyone,

    Great forum first off all. Second related to our topic here, Kenya seemed to have revised the regulations related to drones. Has anybody had any expirience since? What about flying during game drives? Generaly allowed? (Abviously enough distance to any animals so they will not notice any drone prensence)

  • Gio | 07.12.2018

    Dear friends, I am considering a holiday in Kenya next year and I would like to know if and how I can fly my recreational drone (Parrot ANAFI) there.
    I checked the relevant regulations on the Internet but they seem to be out of date.
    I just wrote to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority,Head Office in Nairobi and I received the answers below from which I don’t understand if – as a regulation is presently lacking – I can freely introduce and fly drone in Kenya or not and – in case – which sanctions I should expect.

    Could you please kindly help ?
    Do you have any local contact that could clarify the situation?
    Many thanks and best regards
    1) “Following the annulment of the Civil Aviation(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)Regulations 2017 by the National Assembly, the Authority ,hereby ,is not in a position to process any applications as necessary.
    In the circumstances, the issuance of drone permit and authorization to operate is suspended .”

    2) “The Civil Aviation(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)Regulations 2017 governing the management and related operations of Drone was NULLIFIED by the National Assembly, and remains null and void/invalid to that extent todate.”


    • David | 09.07.2019

      Hi Gio,
      I received the same email. I’m really confused.

      Can anyone help? Will my drone be confiscated on arrival?

  • Andrew | 15.10.2019

    I just flew into Kenya (8 Oct 2019) and had my drone confiscated. Apparently I will get it back when I leave the country, but am not holding my breath.

    • Drone Traveller Team | 26.10.2019

      Hi Andrew,
      Sorry to hear that! Do you mind us asking what happened? Had you been in contact with the authorities before entering the country?

  • Nick | 06.11.2019

    Hello everyone

    I was wondering if they would still confiscate my drone if I’m trasferring flights and not picking up my luggage?? Any ideas? Thank you,

  • Nick | 22.11.2019

    Hi all, just to update you that if you have a transit via Kenya to another country having the drone with you is not an issue. If you want to entry though Kenya with the drone, this will be certainly confiscated. I had a email confirming this for Civil Aviation Authority in Kenya.

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