7 things you need to keep in mind when buying a drone insurance

If you want to fly with your drone, you will need to have a drone insurance in many countries. Already on your first flight, you must be secured. In this article, I’ll tell you what points to look out for in drone insurance.

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Coverdrone insures your flight manoeuvres worldwide. There are only a few exceptions, which can be viewed on the website.

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In general, two types of drone insurance are offered: the drone liability insurance and the drone hull insurance.

The drone liability insurance is strictly speaking an aviation liability insurance. If you cause damage to another person due to an operator error or a technical defect, this insurance will cover the costs.

Example: On your first flights, you confuse the joysticks. Instead of letting your drone ascend, you maneuver the copter straight into the window of Neighbor’s Shed. The glass and parts of the furniture must be renewed. The drone liability insurance will pay for this damage.

The aviation liability insurance pays the cost of the neighbors’ damage. If your drone breaks during the incident, you have to pay the price of repair or a new purchase. In this case, you can also complete a drone hull insurance, which then comes up for your expenses.

In many countries, you are required by the aviation laws to buy drone liability insurance. When completing the policy, you must pay attention to a few aspects to choose the appropriate insurance cover for you.

  1. Intended use
    Do you just want to fly a drone for private purposes or do you pursue commercial use with the drone flights? For both cases, different tariffs apply. It is best if both scenarios are covered in your drone insurance.
  2. Coverage
    Up to what amount of damage does the insurer pay? Of course, the motto here is: the higher the coverage, the better. Especially with personal injury, an accident can quickly lead to millions of dollars. Also interesting: Is there a deductible?
  3. Number of drone users
    Do you want to control the drone alone or do you still share the hobby/job with another person? The controlling person must be indicated on the insurance certificate. So if several people want to fly, then you should consider this when completing the drone insurance.
  4. Number of copters
    The same applies if you own several drones and want to fly with them. The multicopters must be reported (often with serial number). In the same breath, it should be understood that the weight of the copter meets the requirements of the insurer.
  5. Flight Areas and maneuvers
    The conditions of drone insurers regulate where and how you can fly. Are autonomous flights allowed (e.g. Follow Me function, Return to home)? Can you participate as an FPV racer in competitions? Are flights permitted inside buildings?
  6. Scope of Drone Insurance
    This section is primarily exciting if you want to travel with your drone: In which countries does the aviation liability insurance apply?
  7. Price
    Of course, the rate of the drone insurance plays a role.

These are the seven most important things to consider when completing your drone insurance.

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About the author

Since January 2015, we travel around the world. In our backpack we carry a camera drone which we use to capture the best places from a bird’s perspective. First we travelled with a DJI Phantom 2. But now we use several drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ or the DJI Mini 3 Pro. On our blog we share the best tips for you about travelling with a drone. If you have questions about this article or new information, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!


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  • Rasel | 01.02.2019

    Is anybody knows if I can fly DJI pro 2 in Bangladesh ?

    • Francisco | 11.06.2019

      Hi, I’m going to traveling to Prague CH. but i don’t know if is possible to fly drone mavic 2 . I will appreciate some information! Thanks

  • Colin | 15.03.2019

    Hi I’m going on a family cruise from Venice in August and was considering buying a drone to film our adventures

    We will be visiting ports in Croatia and Greece on our tour and was wondering what I would need to do

    In case you hadn’t already gathered I am brand new to this

    Regards Colin

    • Rob | 05.06.2019

      Hi Colin,
      I work on a cruise ship and I saw many cases when ship security at the arrival confisticated drones from guest only for prevention purposes. They gave them back to the owners on debarkation (end of cruise) though.
      I mean you can try but don`t be surprised if happens to you as well. At least you can spend more time with your family 🙂 Have fun and be safe buddy

  • Kirstie Pike | 16.03.2019

    Hello! I plan on traveling all throughout SE Asia starting next month. Do you recommend a specific Insurance for Mavic Pro?

  • Aaron Christman | 13.04.2019

    Thanks for your information. My family is leaving soon for a trip similar to your own. I’d like to take my Phantom, but I don’t want it confiscated at any airports we travel through (apparently Nicaragua is playing that trick now). Could you give some pointers on affordable insurance that works internationally?

  • Rodrigo | 02.05.2019

    Hi Colin, I took my drone to Croatia and had no problem to fly there, even in Dubrovnik over the Old Town (walled city).


    • Karl | 17.06.2019

      Did you get the licence and insurance?

    • Matt | 25.06.2019

      Did you purchase the drone insurance as advised?

  • Eddy | 14.06.2019

    Hello, I need a drone permit that allows me to fly my device in Myanmar. Could you help me get through the process since I don’t know where to apply for it? Many thanks.

  • Jorge camara | 28.06.2019

    I want to fly my
    DJI Phantom 3 professional.
    And Guayaqui Ecuador as a hobbyist person it’s any problem that I need to know

  • Alejandro | 22.07.2019

    Any insurance company to fly drone in Norway?
    I’m a private owner that is going to be using drone for first time and want to make sure I’m
    Insured. does anyone recommend me an insurance

  • Hugo Fernandes | 31.07.2019


    I have my actual residence in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
    I have a week trip to Italy and Switzerland starting at the beginning of August.
    I have a Mavic 2 Zoom. I’ll spend 5 days in Italy and the other 3 in Switzerland. I would like to use my drone as recreational use and acquire liability insurance for me.
    Could you help to suggest any insurance company/plan that is available and fit my case?
    I’m trying to find an insurance company to contract, but no success.
    Best Regards,

    Hugo Fernandes

  • Ryan | 31.07.2019

    LOL you are lucky that their weren’t any police around if you didn’t have a license. That’s illegal in Croatia.

  • Oleg Yudkin | 06.08.2019

    hello, i can’t find insurance company to insure my dji mavic air drone for recreational amateur use in Denmark and Faroe islands. would like to hear an advice. thanks

  • Kebusitswe Mpolokeng | 11.08.2019

    Anyone who will assist with email of the authority in Botswana because i am interested to fly Dji Drone there. I want to apply as soon .

  • Denis | 04.09.2019

    I am visiting the Jungfrau region of Switzerland with my Mavic pro 1 in two weeks from the United States. How do I go about getting insurance ( if in fact I need to ?) to recreationally film and fly there?

  • Nestor | 03.10.2019

    Hi Denis, have you secured your drone liability insurance? I am will be traveling to Switzerland/Germany as well by the end of this month and I couldn’t find any insures to cover abroad. Appreciate it if somebody here can refer one. Cheers.

  • Mavic | 06.10.2019

    Hi, could you recommend me an international insurance for my Mavic Pro? Or a thai company which provide it? I am going to Thailand in a few months but I don’t find any information about insurance companies.

  • Rashid Naib | 07.10.2019

    do i need to have the insurance to get my drone through the Airports? And how do i get the insurance?

  • Francis | 04.11.2019

    Hi, could you please recommend insurance for my drone I’m a kiwi from New Zealand travelling to Malta.

  • Mark | 27.12.2019

    Is a 249 gram drone i.e. the mavic mini require insurance in Germany? If so any recommendations as to where and how much to purchase?

  • Habakkuk | 30.01.2020


    i need to establish drone piloting school in Tanzania. kindly what can I do. help me.

  • Chia-Hung | 13.05.2022

    Hi Bina & Francis

    My name is Chia-Hung Lin.

    I am from TAIWAN.
    I have a Mavic 3 drone.

    I am planning to travel to Sweden and Norway from July to Aug.

    According to Norwegian drone regulations, all drones other than CE-marked toys must be insured in accordance with (EC) No 758/2004. That means you need to have third-party liability insurance covering at least 0.75 million SDRs (ca. 9.1 million NOK per 8.03.202).

    Can you provide information on third liability insurance for foreign drones?

    Thank you.

    Chia-Hung Lin

  • Jeremy | 12.11.2022

    Jo Napot from Budapest! I just moved here and am having trouble finding an insurance company that insures non-Hungarian residents; any suggestions?

  • Gültekin | 28.01.2024

    Hello We want to have a Montenegro holiday at the end of spring. I am using dji mini 3 pro. I will have a mini 3 pro in my luggage at the Montenegro airport. Is it confiscated? I don’t know what I should do. Do I need to get special permission for mini 3 pro?

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