7 things you need to keep in mind when buying a drone insurance

If you want to fly with your drone, you will need to have a drone insurance in many countries. Already on your first flight, you must be secured. In this article, I’ll tell you what points to look out for in drone insurance.

In general, two types of drone insurance are offered: the drone liability insurance and the drone hull insurance.

The drone liability insurance is strictly speaking an aviation liability insurance. If you cause damage to another person due to an operator error or a technical defect, this insurance will cover the costs.

Example: On your first flights, you confuse the joysticks. Instead of letting your drone ascend, you maneuver the copter straight into the window of Neighbor’s Shed. The glass and parts of the furniture must be renewed. The drone liability insurance will pay for this damage.

The aviation liability insurance pays the cost of the neighbors’ damage. If your drone breaks during the incident, you have to pay the price of repair or a new purchase. In this case, you can also complete a drone hull insurance, which then comes up for your expenses.

In many countries, you are required by the aviation laws to buy drone liability insurance. When completing the policy, you must pay attention to a few aspects to choose the appropriate insurance cover for you.

  1. Intended use
    Do you just want to fly a drone for private purposes or do you pursue commercial use with the drone flights? For both cases, different tariffs apply. It is best if both scenarios are covered in your drone insurance.
  2. Coverage
    Up to what amount of damage does the insurer pay? Of course, the motto here is: the higher the coverage, the better. Especially with personal injury, an accident can quickly lead to millions of dollars. Also interesting: Is there a deductible?
  3. Number of drone users
    Do you want to control the drone alone or do you still share the hobby/job with another person? The controlling person must be indicated on the insurance certificate. So if several people want to fly, then you should consider this when completing the drone insurance.
  4. Number of copters
    The same applies if you own several drones and want to fly with them. The multicopters must be reported (often with serial number). In the same breath, it should be understood that the weight of the copter meets the requirements of the insurer.
  5. Flight Areas and maneuvers
    The conditions of drone insurers regulate where and how you can fly. Are autonomous flights allowed (e.g. Follow Me function, Return to home)? Can you participate as an FPV racer in competitions? Are flights permitted inside buildings?
  6. Scope of Drone Insurance
    This section is primarily exciting if you want to travel with your drone: In which countries does the aviation liability insurance apply?
  7. Price
    Of course, the rate of the drone insurance plays a role.

These are the seven most important things to consider when completing your drone insurance.

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