Drone Laws in Brazil

Flying drones in BrazilIn this post, you will find the current regulations for the use of drones in Brazil.

Maximum altitude: In Brazil, you should not let your copter rise higher than 60 meters.

Maximum horizontal distance and FPV: In Brazil, you are only allowed to fly within sight with your drone.

Compulsory insurance: No information found yet. However, we recommend that you be protected by drone insurance.

Maximum take-off weight (MTOW): No information found yet.

Distance to airports: No information found yet.

Other safety distances: To persons, you should keep a distance of 30 meters.

No flying traffic: No information found yet.

Flight Permits: No information found yet.

Operating times: No information found yet.

Special regulations: For importing to Brazil, it is essential that your copter has an ANATEL seal confirming compliance with Brazilian radio standards. If your drone does not have this seal, you must apply for it. The cost is $ 70, and the process takes about 45 days.

Requirements for commercial pilots: Not known.

Good to know: The minimum age for drone pilots in Brazil is 18 years.

Helpful links: ANAC

We have researched the listed drone regulations for Brazil to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee the correctness of the information. If you want to be on the safe side, contact the competent aviation authority. Alternatively, you can also ask the embassy in your country for further information about the regulations. Please leave us a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your copter in Brazil!

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Since January 2015, we travel around the world. In our backpack we carry a camera drone which we use to capture the best places from a bird’s perspective. First we travelled with a DJI Phantom 2. But now we use a Yuneec Typhoon H. On our blog we share the best tips for you about travelling with a copter. If you have questions about this article or new information, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!


  • Martin | 16.05.2018

    Hi Francis. Could you tell me where you got the information about the ANATEL seal and do you know how to apply for it?
    I am searching currently through the web for all the regulations. It seems that in Brazil, one needs to comply to the institutions of ANAC, ANATEL and DECEA.
    ANAC requires small drones like MAVIC Air to be registered. DECEA needs nothing as long its a recreational small drone. But I found nothing regarding ANATEL besides your post. Also their website is only in Portugiese with no info regarding drones….

  • Sean | 20.05.2018

    I’m also needing to know if I can take my GoPro karma into Brazil. I am traveling at the end of June.

  • Adam Valastro | 10.06.2018

    Hi there do we need to get the ANATEl Seal just for recreational Use?

    • Francis Markert | 13.07.2018

      Yes, because ANATEL regulates the radio frequencies and they affect everyone.

  • Fábio Marconi | 01.09.2018

    Hi Francis, my name is Fábio Marconi and I´m brazilian and drone pilot. Thanks for your site, I was looking for european rules and found what help me. So I think I can help other peoples with brazilian drone laws. This is the oficial site of brazilian autorities.
    Try to translate with google

    Good flights!

    • Riche Rifkind | 18.09.2018

      Fábio i need your advice. I have not been able to find anything useful. I live in Brazil not a Native. I was hoping to do Aerial photography with a DJI Spark. Would just be hovering. I understand Anac and Anatel. But with Decea it takes 15 days to get a request and what if its affected by the weather. I want to be able to get photos of beautiful sunsets of my local mountains. But cannot forsee the weather in advance.

    • Tarek Belal | 17.04.2019

      Hi Fábio! Thank you for your time contributing to this blog. Can you please share with us from your experience what do non-Brazilian nationals need to do in order to fly a drone for recreation in brazil?
      I found information on this website that mentions that the rule of registering drones > 250 g is only for Brazilian citizens. Is this true from your experience?

      Again, thanks a lot for your time & for sharing your expertise.

      One Race, One World, One love.


  • Renato Abreu | 20.09.2018


    I’ve been working in a touring agency in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and I have a problem with doubts about Brazilian laws for tourists’ drones.
    I don’t know how tourists can take a simple and temp license for operating this devices, because the only certifies that I can find in internet have Brazilian Federal docs (like CPF), but have no options to foreigners docs (like passport number).
    Can you help me??

    • stephanie F | 04.10.2018


      i have the same issue that everyone here.

      This is what ANAC replied : As a foreign person you can’t register your drone in Brazil without a CPF number, but someone with a CPF and/or a CNPJ in Brazil can register the drone for you in SISANT (https://sistemas.anac.gov.br/SISANT) and will be responsible for the equipment in Brazil. The drone must be identified with this register number.

      However, as a non-Brazilian citizen you can request a CPF in a Brazilian Consulate or Embassy. We don’t know what are the requirements to comply with in order to have a CPF number, so we recommend you to contact them.

      There are two civil aviation authorities in Brazil (ANAC and DECEA). From the point of view of ANAC, for a non-professional use, the most important rules are:
      1) register the drone at SISANT (https://sistemas.anac.gov.br/SISANT);
      2) never flying over 400 feet (120 m) above ground level;
      3) always flying visual (VLOS);
      4) keep at least 30 meter of horizontal distance from non consent (não anuente) people. -> So, you must not use nearby people at tourist points, for exemple.

      As you have a foreign drone, there are also Anatel rules to comply with, but we recommend to contact them in case of any doubt. Please, check also the DECEA rules above.

  • Tarek Belal | 17.04.2019

    I would like to thank everyone for sharing such valuable information & thank Francis for such an epic blog! Looks like the last post was in October 2018. Has anyone managed to fly their drones in brazil since ? If so, please share your experience with us. We’d be extremely grateful. Thanks so much (-:

  • Mauricio | 26.11.2019

    I’m Brazilian. And can help with some information.

    1) Minimum Airport Distance: 5 KM
    2) Anatel seal comes in a great number of drones. Just check on your unit, manual, documentation. Anatel is to Brazil what FCC stands for US. It’s the local regulatory agency.

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