Drone Laws in Uganda

Flying drones in Uganda

The situation for drone pilots in Uganda is quite complicated. In this article, you will learn what you need to know for your trip to Uganda with a multicopter.

The country is apparently working on new legislation for the use of drones, until then the following rules apply.

In Uganda, you need an import permit to bring a drone into the country. You have to submit the application at least three months in advance. If you arrive without this permit, the drone will be picked up at the airport and kept until your departure. So if you want to visit other countries after your trip, you can take your copter with you if you choose the same airport for arrival and departure from Uganda. Otherwise, I would leave my camera drone at home.

But the import license is not enough. You also have to send an application to the Office of the Chief of Defense Forces. They wil decide, along with the Special Force Command and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), if you pose a threat to national security. Once you have your secutiry clearance (letter of no objection), you can apply formally for a permit from the CAA. In your application, you must specify the purpose of the flight, drone details (including model/manufacturer/mounted equipment). Part of the appeal is also a map in which you mark your flight area.

Before you can upgrade your drone, you must also submit your state registration and demonstrate your practical flying skills.

If you manage to overcome all these bureaucratic obstacles, then you need to be in permanent contact with air traffic control during your flights.

The use of drones in Uganda is not allowed over cities and crowds.

In short, it’s almost impossible to launch a drone in Uganda. If you want to try it, I wish you a lot of stamina in applying for the necessary permits.

We have researched the listed drone regulations for Uganda to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee the correctness of the information. If you want to be on the safe side, contact the competent aviation authority. Alternatively, you can also ask the embassy in your country for further information about the regulations. Please leave us a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your copter in Uganda!

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About the author

Since January 2015, we travel around the world. In our backpack we carry a camera drone which we use to capture the best places from a bird’s perspective. First we travelled with a DJI Phantom 2. But now we use several drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ or the DJI Mini 3 Pro. On our blog we share the best tips for you about travelling with a drone. If you have questions about this article or new information, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!


  • G. Asiku | 12.06.2018

    I agree with you. It is even becoming more complicated to carry a camera around Kampala or if you are near a crowded area. Soon, we shall see a lay on mobile phones with cameras.

    • Francis Markert | 02.07.2018

      It’s a pity!

  • tyson | 10.10.2018

    what stuff will i need to do to fly in kyriandongo uganda

    • Francis Markert | 26.10.2018

      Hi Tyson,
      I would start with the things mentioned above. If you can master this, you will get in contact with persons who can help you further. Please let me know what experiences you collect.

  • Anders | 20.12.2018

    It seems impossible to bring my drone to Uganda. I only have a month left until departure but i will give it a try.

    • Francis Markert | 07.01.2019

      Hi Anders,
      Have you got an answer from the authorities?

      • Anders | 05.02.2019

        Unfortunately I never reached the authorities and I didn’t bring it with me to Uganda because Qatar Airways’ wants passengers to bring drones in hand luggage, and I didn’t have any free space left.

        The authorities scanned the hand baggage and checked baggage before we left the airport, because of increased terror risk (probably caused by the terror attack in Kenya). I think my mavic 2 pro would have made it through because it is small and doesn’t look like a drone in the x-ray scanner. I think they would discover a phantom 4 and be very suspicious if you don’t have a permission because of the increased terror risk.

  • bwogi edwin | 19.04.2019

    so what if i make my own drone again i will need to inqiure from the authorities or i jst launch

  • Michelle Reeves | 21.05.2019

    Hello! Where do we apply for a permit? The link is not active. Any knowledge on where to go to apply?

  • Gustavo | 27.07.2019

    Hi Francis, If you manage to get your drone through customs in Uganda,can you fly it in rural areas and national parks ? I just want to record landscapes and wildlife, not planning to use it in cities or towns.

  • Melissa | 06.08.2019

    Hi there, what is the cost of the permit? Any tried to bring a fixed-wing in?

  • Richard | 02.02.2020

    There is a pile of confiscated drones at the Airport, so i would rather not come with it and consult to some locals who may have been able to acquire the authority to fly the drone in Uganda

  • Phillip | 21.06.2021

    Thank you for covering Uganda.
    This is the link to the Ugandan regulations on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.
    The site however triggers a warning on the link. https://caa.go.ug/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/CAA-REMOTELY-PILOTED-AIRCRAFT-SYSYTEMS.pdf

    • Drone Traveller Team | 01.08.2021

      Thank you, Phillip!

  • lule | 01.06.2022

    hello guys am augandan national but currently was working in thailand. i have my phantom 4 drone and i would want to go home with it next month. what should i do?

  • Mafumu | 27.10.2022

    Am really confused and depressed on the giudlines and rules of drones in Uganda because i have read a rule somwere that says : drones are not allowed to fly over cities and crowds here in uganda and when me i had aplan to build and start adrone delivery company in the next two years .And according to the rules that i have read above it means i have no chance to build my dream empire in east africa and other countries in africa. AM requesting to please allow me to build, operate and test my own delivery drones and after promise iwill work on lisenses and permits to the chief of defense forces and then get acomand from civil aviation authority.

  • Mach Lueth Mach | 19.11.2022

    I’m from South Sudan,so how can I buy a drone from Uganda

  • John | 26.11.2022

    Hey Lule, did you manage to take your phantom 4 drone to Uganda? if you did so, could you please inform me on the process you went through? I am Ugandan too and wishing to access one but then travel with it back to Uganda for just landscape capturing. Thanks man!

  • Rendall | 29.01.2023

    i traveled to Uganda last summer with my DJI mini.
    at the airport they scan your handbagage and logage.
    it is best to take a little drone in your pocket, you will have no problem,. adviseble is not to fly your drone in busy erea
    it will pull to much attention of the local people and they will serround you out of curiosity.

  • Samiti | 15.09.2023

    Hello everyone. all the suggestions given way about already owned drones. What should one do in order to import a new drone. lets assume you purchased via Alibaba , aliexpress, Ebay. something of that kind

  • David | 26.11.2023

    Moral of the story is if you have a drone don’t bother to bring it to Uganda. Or just come here and buy one😂. I just arrived with a DJIMINI and they took it. They make it impossible to get it in. Like talk to the minister of defense and CAA authorities. I was so pissed at the URA people! Drones are a security threat to what in uganda? DJI drones can’t fly anywhere near airports anyway. Will have to update you on the pick up process!

    • Francis Markert | 04.12.2023

      Hi David,
      I am sorry to hear that! But you will have a great time in Uganda anyway 😉

      Let me know how the pick up process works.

  • Dennis Jjagwe | 13.12.2023

    Hi David, did you manage to pick it up?

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