Drone regulations in Italy

Flying drones in Italy

In this article, we explain the legal situation for the use of drones in Italy.

On the Internet, there are many different views on the laws in Italy.

As in most other countries around the world, Italian lawmakers also differentiate between private (model airplanes) and commercial use of drones.

Overview: Drone rules in Italy

Recreational use of drones allowed? Yes, without further requirements
Commercial use of drones permitted? Yes, after registration or approval
Maximum Altitude:70 Meter (229,7 Foot) in uncontrolled airspace.
Is drone insurance mandatory? Yes, for private and commercial drone flights. Learn more about drone insurance here.
Does the drone need a badge?No.
Drone labels can be ordered here
Is a registration necessary? No.
Keep distance to airports
Respect the privacy of other people
Resources:Legal text

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Is registration required at ENAC?

Registration with the ENAC is not required for private drone users, even if the drone has a camera installed. That was the biggest issue in the past. However, the ENAC makes it clear on its website that even model airplanes are allowed to take amateur photos without registration. You can also publish such aerial photographs in private networks on social networks.

Many of our readers have already experienced this interpretation from the local authorities.

Further rules for drone pilots in Italy

If you want to fly in Italy with a drone, the following conditions have to be fulfilled.

There is a limitation in Italy on how far a drone can be away from the pilot. This limit is 200 meters for private pilots and 500 meters for commercial pilots.

In Italy, the maximum flight altitude for private drone operations is 70 meters, for commercial copter flights, it’s 150 meters.

For Italy, a drones liability insurance is necessary, which covers damages of at least 750.000 Euro.

25 kg is the maximum weight limit for private drones.

Radio transmission is possible on the frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz with a maximum of 100 mW.

Safety distances and flight bans

Drones have to keep a distance of at least 5 kilometers to airports.

Private drone pilots may only take off in undeveloped areas and have to maintain sufficient distance to buildings of all kinds.

In Rome, over the Vatican and in Venice (including associated islands), flight bans for drones apply. In other cities, too, I would not start my drone unless I obtained the approval of the local authorities (such as the police or the magistrate).

A reader of our blog knew nothing of it and was arrested on suspicion of terrorism because he flew in Rome with his copter. Newspapers also repeatedly report arrests at major sights such as at the Colosseum or in the Vatican.

Also, it is forbidden to fly on beaches, if there are other people there.

Drones flights are permitted only in daylight. Approvals for night flights can be requested.

Regulations for commercial pilots

The requirements for commercial copter pilots differ according to the type of planned flight maneuvers. For low-risk operations, it is sufficient to submit a statement of compliance with specific requirements. There is a processing fee of 94 €. For drone flights with higher risk, additional requirements (certification, health certificate, training certificate, etc.) must be met. More information can be found on the ENAC website.

Regardless of the risk assessment, any commercially used copter must be registered and marked with the registration number.

We have researched the listed drone regulations for Italy to the best of our knowledge. We can not guarantee the correctness of the information. If you want to be on the safe side, please contact the competent aviation authority. Alternatively, you can also ask the embassy in your country for further information about the regulations. Please leave us a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your copter in Italy!

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  • Tiago Carvalho | 21.12.2017

    Hi Guys, this is the second time I bumped into your blog while checking regulations in different countries. Congratulations for you blog and thank you for your service.
    I’m about to go to Italy and, there’s a question I have about their regulations, but, not towards the flying. I just want to know if I can take the drone in my backpack and there won’t be any trouble in the airport. I’m coming from Portugal by the way. I’m making this question because the first time I was researching regulations for Oman, and realised there are complications just for getting in the airport with the drone in the backpack. I’m hoping that travelling inside europe, between 2 countries of the EU, that will be simplified. But even so, I’d like to know your opinion about it.

    • Drone biker1973 | 31.01.2018

      Hi it is so happen that I am taking f my drone into Oman next week
      What kind of complications??

    • Francis Markert | 22.02.2018

      Nice to have you here! 🙂 I don’t expect any issues at the airport. Have a wonderful trip to Italy!

  • Alain | 31.01.2018

    Hi, I am going to Italy this summer, Rome, Cinqueterre, Venice and Dolomites. Is there any recent update on small drone use like a DJI Mavic for example. If I cant fly it I wont bother carrying it ! tx

    • Francis Markert | 22.02.2018

      Hi Alain,
      I have updated the article. As a private drone user, you cannot fly within the boundaries of cities. Best regards, Francis

  • Lourdes Stauffer | 11.03.2018

    Can I fly a Mavic Air while hiking in the Dolomites and Lake Brais?

    • Francis Markert | 28.03.2018

      Should not be a problem as long as you are not in a National Park and you follow the Italian rules.

    • Roman | 11.04.2018

      I was in the Lake Brais this January and saw a sign that prohibits drones.

  • Jody Grenier | 23.03.2018

    Hi cronies wit dronies
    I would LOVE ❤️ TO fly my drone near the Alps or as close as I can for some premium foots and stills

    Does anyone know the do’s and donts

    • Francis Markert | 28.03.2018

      I described them in the article above 😉

  • Matt | 01.04.2018

    Francis, the insurance is not compulsory for recreational use (not professional). It is suggested but not compulsory.

    • Francis Markert | 29.06.2018

      Hi Matt,
      Okay, thank you for this correction. Do you have a trustworthy source for me?
      Thanks in advance!

      • Elia Provini | 06.02.2019

        Hi, i’m Italian and I can confirm that for recreational use insurance is not mandatory.

        Flying on beaches is not forbidden as long as there are no people around!

        In italy is not easy to understand where you can and you cannot fly, you should use italian aeronautical maps to be sure.

        Anyway for recreational use it’s always forbidden to fly over cities/town, over people, near prisons, near military areas, over national parks, near airports (most of the times much much more than 5 km, you should consult an aeronautical maps anyway)

        • Tyler Bills | 02.04.2019

          Hey Francis & Elia!

          I am visiting Naples, Positano, Sorrento, and Capri in mid-May. Can I fly my DJI Mavic Air? I am looking to fly over the water, mountains, and the house we are staying in.

          Thank you!

  • Ray | 08.05.2018

    ” I would not start my drone unless I obtained the approval of the local authorities (such as the police or the magistrate).”

    Any idea how to get an approval? To fly my drone in Rome? Thanks

    PS1: Great blog btw!
    PS2: check out my channel : youtube.com/dronelivecam

    • Francis Markert | 29.06.2018

      Hi Ray,
      In your case, I would ask ENAC for assistance. I guess they can help you. Please share your insights with us 😉
      Have a nice trip!

      • Stephen Thorpe | 03.08.2019

        I’m thinking of going up Vesuvius about 5:00am, putting my Mavic Pro round it once on a mission with the sunrise and landing within ten minutes. Do you think I’ll be OK or are the police about that early?

  • Wiktor | 16.05.2018

    Hello Franics!
    I am going to Italy, and more specifically to Lake Como. And also to Courmayeur, If I can fly there Mavic pro?
    I don’t want to fly in cities – I know I can not go there 🙂 Best Regards

  • Josie | 04.06.2018

    Can I fly my drone for commercial use in Italy without a license or do same rules apply such as in the US?

    • Francis Markert | 29.06.2018

      Hello Josie,
      You find the answers in the article above 😉

  • Danny Ventura | 13.07.2018

    Hey Francis, I’m leaving for Italy tomorrow. I will be visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, and Sorrento, Im aware that drone flying in Rome is out of the picture but for Venice, if I fly strictly over water does this violate any laws? Can I fly over Florence? How about the Amalfi
    Coast and Capri?

  • Cezary | 30.07.2018

    I will be visiting Finale Ligure from 8-18 Sep.
    I found information that I cannot fly over beaches in summertime – usually until 15th September.
    Where can I check or asked if summertime locally has ended?

  • Ericson | 01.08.2018

    Can I fly my drone in Cinque Terre from water?

  • Uros Raztresen | 27.08.2018


    i would like to take some video clips for my commercial video, for a local company from Slovenia in this location:


    Is this possible, or do I need to ask for any permitions?

    Than you for answer. Uros

  • denis | 10.12.2018

    Hello, ı will visit Florence,Cinque Terre and Genoa. How can ı fly my djı spark ? is it possible to use in these places? or do you know any exact place to fly?
    thank you 🙂

    • Francis Markert | 10.01.2019

      Hi Denis,
      It is not allowed to fly a drone in urban areas without permission. Have a nice time in Italy!

  • Craig | 15.01.2020

    Looking to purchase the DJI Mavic Mini, does this apply to the same laws given it’s small size/weight? Private use not commercial use, looking to take it to Venice… advice and facts much appreciated 👍

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