EU-wide drone regulation: Register as an operator

EU-wide drone regulation: Register as an operator

Since the end of 2020, most drone operators in Europe have to register due to the new EU regulation. In this article, you will find out all the important information that is known about the registration obligation so far.

There are two types of registration in Europe:

  1. Registration of the UAV operator
  2. Registration of the drone

Since only drones that fall into the Certified Category need to be registered, only the registration as a drone operator is relevant for most pilots.

Registration as a drone operator

Registration is required if you want to fly in the Open Category and your aircraft meets at least one of the two conditions:

  • Drone weighs 250 grams or more or achieves kinetic energy of more than 80 joules when hitting a human being.
  • Drone is equipped with a sensor to collect personal data (e.g. camera) and does not comply with the EU Toy Directive.

Therefore, all owners of a camera drone will have to register. In addition, registration is mandatory for pilots who want to fly a drone in the Specific category.

Where does one register as a drone operator?

For registration, each member state of the European Union must create an (online) platform in which operators can register. The platforms should enable the exchange of information within the EU.

You must register in the system of the country in which you have your residence. For legal entities (especially companies), the country with the main place of business is responsible for registration. Multiple registrations in different EU countries are not possible.

Information for non-EU residents: The rules for you are quite similar to those for residents. You will have to register with the Civil Aviation Authority of the first EU country you want to use your drone in. You will then be given a registration number, which you should stick to each of your drones and upload it in the remote identification system. This registration number will be valid in all other member states.

When registering, the following information must be provided:

Natural persons:

Legal entities:

  • Name
  • Identification number
  • Address
  • E-mail address and telephone number
  • Number of the insurance policy, if applicable.
  • Confirmation of sufficient competence level of the remote pilots
  • Operating permits, LUC and acknowledgments of receipt for declarations in the Specific category

After completing your registration you will be assigned a unique registration number. This number must be affixed to all aircraft and loaded into a remote identification system, if available.

Registering a drone in the Certified category

Registration of the drone is only required if the drone is to be used in the Certified category. To register the drone, you must submit the following information to the authorities:

  • Manufacturer and model name
  • Serial number of the drone
  • Name of the operator
  • Address, telephone number, and e-mail address

After receiving the information, the competent authority then registers the certified drone.

You can find links to the registration platforms in our articles about drone laws in the countries.

Are there any questions left unanswered? Then write to us in the comments and we will try to help you as much as possible.

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  • Jesse | 08.06.2022

    I am a U.S. citizen with a FAA Part 107 certificate, and I will soon be visiting several cities in Spain. However, I do not speak Spanish so I would like to know where or how I can register myself and my drone, in English. Thanks!

  • Troy Gibson | 28.07.2022

    Good day.

    I hope that you can help me. I am traveling to Greece in Oct. I contacted the authorities in Greece to register and they advised me that they are only open to registering Greece residents and advised me to contact another EU country. I am not traveling to another country but tried to register with Portugal. I did that but it also now directs me to EASA UAS application site but they are stating I need to use a program to provide an electronic signature. Unfortunately, the instructions are in a different language and I am going around in circles. I currently hold a Basic Pilot license in Canada. Not sure how to get through this.

  • Andy | 05.08.2022

    HI How long does the operator ID last in EU

    • Francis Markert | 26.08.2022

      The operator ID doesn’t expire.

  • Mick | 09.07.2023

    Just tell me what to do to register. On the this website using my iPhone I see all sorts of links but none seem to link to be able to register my drone in the EU.

    • Francis Markert | 10.07.2023

      Hi Mick,
      if you follow the link, you’ll be redirected to a list of the European countries:

      In each article, you should find a link to the registration site that you need to use.

      Hope it helps!

      Cheers, Francis

  • Drone | 10.07.2023

    Great, page explaining how to register without any registration links…cmon

    • Francis Markert | 10.07.2023

      Hey there,
      If you follow the link, you’ll be redirected to an overview of European countries:

      In each article, you should find a link to the registration site that you need to use.

      Hope it helps!

      Kind regards,

  • Maria | 03.09.2023

    If i registered my drone in spain and i’m travelling to greece, do i need to register it in greece too?
    Thank you

    • Francis Markert | 25.09.2023

      No, you can register yourself as a drone operator only in one EU member state.

  • Kathy | 30.05.2024

    Hello, Your website is so helpful. However I’m running into roadblocks. We will be taking a Danube river cruise and begin in Romania, so I understand we can register there and it will be valid in the rest of the EU. We have a small DJI Mini 3 and I do not believe further certification is required, but I will review the rules for each country. The roadblock is the application is in Romanian, and proving very difficult to understand, even with Google Translate. Your link is not working for me. Any suggestions for how to get registered in Romania? Does it absolutely have to be the “first” country we are visiting? I can’t imagine how anyone would know or how that would matter, in which case perhaps one of the other countries (Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria or Germany) might offer an application in English?? I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thank you, Kathy

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