Drone Laws in Colombia

Flying Drones in Colombia

On this page, you will find a summary of drone laws in Colombia.

The current drone laws make it easier for most private users to legally fly in the country as long as they adhere to certain regulations.

Commercial pilots will need to have a certificate.

Overview: Drone rules in C

Recreational use of drones allowed? Yes, after registration or approval
Commercial use of drones permitted? Yes, after registration or approval
Maximum Altitude:400 in uncontrolled airspace.
Is drone insurance mandatory? Yes, for private and commercial drone flights. Learn more about drone insurance here.
Does the drone need a badge?Yes.
Drone labels can be ordered here
Is a registration necessary? Yes.
Keep distance to airports
Respect the privacy of other people

Regulations for drone pilots in Colombia

Colombia distinguishes three classes of drones:

  • Class A: drones between 250 grams and 25 kilograms if the following rules are followed.
  • Class B: Class A drones if at least one rule is not followed and drones between 25 and 150 kilograms.
  • Class C: drones over 150 kg and high-risk flights.

No approval is required for Class A flights, but the law states that registration with the aviation authority is needed using the name, document number, address, e-mail adress and phone number of the owner and make, model and serial number of the drone.

The following regulations are the most important for drone class A.

The maximum take-off mass is 25 kilograms and the maximum speed is 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour or 22 meters per second).

There must always be direct visual contact with the drone and it may fly within a radius of 500 meters.

Flights may only take place in daylight, i.e. from 15 minutes after sunrise and up to 15 minutes before sunset (in uninhabited areas, flights are possible at night with appropriate lighting).

Flights may take place at a maximum height of 400 feet and only in uncontrolled airspace.

Drones must not be flown over people, crowds, metropolitan areas, cities and other populated areas. Drones must not be used within 2 kilometers of the whereabouts of the president and other heads of state. A distance of 1 kilometer should be kept to military bases, police stations, prisons, critical infrastructure and aircraft in operation and border areas should be at least 3.6 kilometers away. There is a safety zone of 9 kilometers around airports and 3 kilometers around heliports.

Each pilot can only control one drone at a time and must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drones must not be controlled from moving objects (i.e. moving cars or boats).

The drone liability insurance must cover a total loss of 33,333 grams of pure gold, i.e. around 1.6 million euros.

Drones must be visibly marked with the name, address and phone number.

Special rules for commercial drone pilots

Anyone pursuing commercial purposes with their drone flights in Colombia must obtain a Colombian license from a registered flight school.

We have researched the listed drone regulations for Colombia to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee the correctness of the information. If you want to be on the safe side, contact the competent aviation authority. Alternatively, you can also ask the embassy in your country for further information about the regulations. Please leave us a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your copter in Colombia!

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  • Evan Snow | 21.06.2017

    Laws. Those pesky, usually arbitrary rules made by ill-informed politicians to give the appearance of doing something useful for the public.
    Here in Colombia the police don’t know anything about drones or drone laws. Almost every time I fly my Mavic Pro I get questions from police and other people. They want to know how high and how far it can go. How much it costs. And of course, can I send them the video link. No questions about license or permission to fly.
    I have been asked on one occasion not to fly in an office park in Bogotá. Of course I immediately brought my drone down and complied with request of the property manager. He was very polite and there was no hint of confrontation.
    Be smart, be reasonable and be safe.

    • ivana | 27.10.2017

      hi Evan, did you have any problem entering Colombia with the drone? I know once you are in the city noone would care but i just have some concerns at the airport

  • Mike | 10.07.2018

    I am in Colombia now, visiting from NYC. I have had no problem entering Colombia with my Mavic Pro which I carry in my carryon back pack with all my other electronics such as a laptop, phones, iPad, etc. I have taken three domestic flights too and no airport security officer has even asked me to open my bag.

    I have flown with no problems at all in Cartagena, near Tayrona Park, the rainforests near Sierra Nevada, and Bogotá.

    Please be smart and considerate so these conditions remain. If the laws the author describes are indeed on the books, I imagine they would be applied to you if you have an accident where someone gets hurt or an authority witnesses and recognizes risky flight behavior, but that’s just conjecture.

    • Francis Markert | 13.07.2018

      Hello Mike,
      Thank you very much for your detailed report! I appreciate it. It sounds like you’ve had a good trip. Happy landings, Francis

    • Gabor | 24.08.2018

      You say you flew near Tayrona Park. Do they allow drones in the park? I’m going to go there this November. Do they check the bags at the entrance? (I have a small Mavic Air). I’m afraid they might take it away, and I don’t want to let it in the car. I know you cannot fly in national parks, and if it is not allowed I won’t. I just don’t want them to take it away from me.

      • giuseppe | 24.12.2018

        Hi! I am going in Colombia in two days! Did they allowed the drone in Tayrona Park? In other places? thank you!

  • Darren Clarke | 23.01.2019

    I wonder where I can get more info of the UAV Schools in Colombia.

  • Ramiro | 16.03.2020

    This is a good source.

  • Jorge | 30.11.2021

    Colombia is a Polite society. Police officers are well trained and usually very respectful.
    And they dont apply the idiotic “Zero Tolerance” attitude like the US counterparts.
    They will try to work with you provided you are a recreational flyer.

    Flying drugs in restricted areas or recklessly will catch the attention or the military. Then things can get more dramatic.
    Just do your thing, have yor ID or Passport with you, and give a good explanation.
    Spanish knowledge is very helpful.

    Military, Airports, Government builfings, And Cemetaries are a no-no.
    Unless you get a written authorization. Verbal means nothing in Colombia.
    Paper and notary stamps are usually expected.

    If you are Part 107 certified, that will be icing on the cske.
    The FAA and EUSA are well respected.

    But beware, you are flying a until that could cost 4 times locally. Please dont fly in marginalized areas where people are hustling the streets for the daily survival. Temptation and hunger are not good relatives.
    Use common sense.

    Colombia is beautiful, the people friendly, home of the largest fauna and flora species in the planet.
    We want you to Enjoy your stay, so that you lcome back for more!

    • Drone Traveller Team | 05.12.2021

      Hi Jorge,
      Thank you for your valuable insights! With our website, we want to help tourists who take their drones on vacation. We think that being a good guest in another country means that you find out about and follow the local rules. It is always helpful to read about cultural differences.

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