Drone Laws in Seychelles

Flying drones in Seychelles

With its fantastic beaches, Seychelles offer some of the most beautiful motifs that I have ever captured with a drone. In this article, I would like to explain to you which regulations you have to consider as a drone pilot in the island state.

New rules have been in force in Seychelles since the end of February 2021. These are supposed to do justice to the increased use of drones and still take into account the special layout of the islands.

How to register your drone in the Seychelles

All drones with a minimum weight of 200 grams or more must be registered with theSeychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA). Registration is free of charge and is done using the form provided on the SCAA website. To do this, you must create an account and register your drones directlyafterwards. Empty accounts in which no drones are registered will be deleted. To create an account or register, you will need

  • A passport photo
  • A photo of your drone
  • A photo of the serial number of the drone

Confirmation of registration will be arranged by the SCAA as soon as the process is complete.

Overview: Drone rules in Seychelles

Recreational use of drones allowed? Yes, after registration or approval
Commercial use of drones permitted? Yes, after registration or approval
Maximum Altitude:200 in uncontrolled airspace.
Is drone insurance mandatory? No. Learn more about drone insurance here.
Does the drone need a badge?No.
Drone labels can be ordered here
Is a registration necessary? Yes.
Keep distance to airports
Respect the privacy of other people
Contact information

Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority: [email protected]

Resources:Drone rules

Further regulations for the use of drones

Drones from 200 grams have to be registered. Use this form and send it via e-mail to [email protected].

Multicopters may only be flown during the day and within the visual line of sight. As a guideline, do not let the copter rise higher than the buildings and trees in the immediate vicinity.

Stay away from telecommunications infrastructure, power lines, fuel storage facilities, and security-sensitive areas (e.g. State House, prisons, military facilities). Do not fly near rescue operations.

You are not allowed to fly over:

  • Towns and congested areas
  • Crowds
  • Public events
  • Private properties
  • Industrial plants

Do not take aerial images with your drone that invade the privacy of others.

Do not start your drone if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Do not transport dangerous substances or drop anything from your drone that could harm others.

In Seychelles you have to land immediately if an airplane or helicopter approaches. In my experience, one notices the rapidly approaching helicopters, which fly at low altitudes, only quite late, so that you have to anticipate an increased risk in Seychelles.

The general rule is not to fly near airports or heliports and also to avoid take-off and landing paths. This makes Seychelles special when it comes to regulating unmanned aerial vehicles, as many islands have an airport or heliport.

The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority has permitted to publish the maps with restricted areas on this page. This will give you a better idea of ​​which areas to avoid.



La Digue

If you still want to use your drone in controlled or restricted airspace, you can apply for a permit using this form.

Our first drone video from Seychelles

I was on Seychelles in September 2017 with our Phantom 4 Pro + to capture the island paradise from the air. We created this video during the trip:

You can find more information about our Seychelles video in this article.

We have researched the listed drone regulations for Seychelles to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee the correctness of the information. If you want to be on the safe side, contact the competent aviation authority. Alternatively, you can also ask the embassy in your country for further information about the regulations. Please leave us a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your copter in Seychelles!

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About the author

Since January 2015, we travel around the world. In our backpack we carry a camera drone which we use to capture the best places from a bird’s perspective. First we travelled with a DJI Phantom 2. But now we use several drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ or the DJI Mini 3 Pro. On our blog we share the best tips for you about travelling with a drone. If you have questions about this article or new information, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!


  • Tony | 20.04.2018

    Hi Francis,
    Are you aware of any permits that need obtaining?

    • Francis Markert | 29.06.2018

      You need the permit if you cannot comply with the distances to airports or heliports I mentioned above.

      • bruno | 23.04.2019

        Hi Francis, how did you apply for the permit in the Seychelles?

        I will be staying well away from a 15km zone in Mahe but in Praslin that is impossible!

        I have a small Mavic Air that I wanted to use to take shots from my trip.

        Do you have any tips?


  • Tony | 20.04.2018

    and where is good/safe to fly it to get great photos/video that is outside of the 15km permiter?

  • Chris | 21.04.2018

    I’m traveling to the Seychelles with emerites with my dji Mavic Pro and I were wondering if I take the batteries on hand luggage or to put them into the hold, the drone itself goes into the hold?, I’m worried about damage from rough handling, I have a semi hard case which keeps the drone secure and it’ll be in a hard case also. Will customs in dubai take the batteries off me or is there no problems generally?. It’s my honeymoon so it’s important..

    • Francis Markert | 29.06.2018

      Hi Chris,
      You should carry the batteries in the hand luggage. When you fly with Emirates, the drone itself must be transported in the checked baggage.

  • Rush | 22.07.2018

    Hi Francis,
    Are you aware of any place in the Seychelles rent drones?
    I want to rent it for few days during my vacation in the Seychelles.
    Thank you

    • Francis Markert | 26.10.2018

      Hi Rush,
      No, I have no idea where you could rent a drone on Seychelles.

  • pavel | 30.10.2018

    Hello Im own dron Wingsland S6 must have some permission?

    • Francis Markert | 01.11.2018

      Hi Pavel,
      It depends on the location of your intended flight. Please read the article 🙂

  • Heulwen Jones | 09.02.2019

    Hi. I’m a trike cyclist currently cycling the world. I’ve already done 25k km and 40ish countries. I have a blog http://www.anywhichwayyoucan.co.uk and a fb page https://www.facebook.com/trikes.Azub/

    But think I’m really not selling me or the trip well. I’m considering buying drone +go pro but worried about storage., video editing on move, getting decent footage etc. Can you give me some advise? Which drone would you recommend? In 2019 I’ll cycle China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and SE Asia but also hope to buy motorbike and tour Mongolia for month or 2. So crazy trip but no decent blog/footage etc

  • Drones | 05.03.2021

    Drone rules have changed:

    Please check this page for updated information: https://www.scaa.sc/index.php/drone-operations

  • Ahmet Anak | 03.12.2021

    Is there a necessary to apply liability insurance for Seychelles? My drone is already registered in SCAA.
    Thank you.

    • Drone Traveller Team | 05.12.2021

      As far as we know, insurance isn’t mandatory. But it’s always an advantage to have it in case of an accident.

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