Drone Laws in Kazakhstan

Flying drones in Kazakhstan

This article deals with the legal situation for the use of drones in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is allowed to bring a drone into the country. If your drone weighs under 1.5 kg, there are fewer restrictions, but you should pay attention to the safety distances and stay within uncontrolled airspace. In the following, we give you a general overview.

Overview: Drone rules in K

Recreational use of drones allowed? Yes, after registration or approval
Commercial use of drones permitted? Yes, after registration or approval
Maximum Altitude:50 Meter (164,0 Fuß) in uncontrolled airspace.
Is drone insurance mandatory? No. Learn more about drone insurance here.
Does the drone need a badge?Unknown.
Drone labels can be ordered here
Is a registration necessary? Yes.
Keep distance to airports
Respect the privacy of other people
Contact informationCivil Aviation Committee: [email protected] or [email protected]

Registration of drones in Kazakhstan

If your drone weighs over 1.5 kg, you must register it with the Civil Aviation Committee. The processing time is 30 working days. There is a registration form, which unfortunately is not yet available to us. The following documents are also required. Non-residents must have them notarized.

  • ID document
  • Proof of lawful possession of the drone (invoice or purchase contract)
  • Manufacturer’s data sheet
  • Serial numbers of the drone and the controller
  • Confirmation that no military or listening equipment are attached to the drone.

Flight bans and safety distances

Drone flights are only possible within visual line of sight and without aids. Make sure that the weather conditions are good, more specifically that you are 1.5 kilometers horizontally and 300 meters vertically away from clouds.

You should keep at least 50 meters of horizontal distance to people, vehicles, buildings and structures during take-off and landing, and 100 meters during the flight.

A safety distance of 150 meters applies to crowds of people and larger groups of vehicles.

If you are planning drone flights in controlled airspace, at a height of more than 50 meters above the ground or closer than 5.5 kilometers to airports, you must coordinate your flight plan with the air traffic control. This is possible via this link.

We have researched the listed drone regulations for Kazakhstan to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee the correctness of the information. If you want to be on the safe side, contact the competent aviation authority. Alternatively, you can also ask the embassy in your country for further information about the regulations. Please leave us a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your copter in Kazakhstan!

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  • J. Guilherme Rodrigues | 14.09.2018

    Here is another helpful link from the Kazakh Aviation Authority on this topic:

    • Francis Markert | 26.10.2018

      Ah perfect, thank you for the link. I check the page.

  • Alesh | 06.06.2019

    we wrote in Russian language to an aviation department, Minister of Internal Affairs (actually to all departments we found through internet) and no one reply. anyway flying out of the city is with no problem all around kazakhstan, even in national parks (when we wasn’t sure we asked soldiers and patrols in national parks many times and always with no problem. in the city (following basic rules) and you should be more carefull because of police (no one catch me) but if they catch you according to how acting officers when they stop your car, i’m 100% sure that some small bribe like 5000tg ($13, €12) male them blind for a while. or you can ask them if is ok to fly it on place where you just are

  • Andy | 23.05.2022

    Drone rules were updated in early 2021 – https://adilet.zan.kz/rus/docs/V2000022031
    New laws not available in English – but google translate does a reasonable job.
    I would not try to bribe the police, more likely to get arrested for trying to bribe them than anything drone related!

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