Drone regulations in Thailand (2022)

If you want to fly a drone in Thailand, you will have to take some hurdles. In this article, I explain to you the conditions you have to fulfill.

In recent years, the rules for drone pilots in Thailand have changed quite often. This creates a lot of confusion and not all the information you can find on the internet is up to date. I am trying to give you a current and complete overview of the legal situation in the Kingdom.

First of all, if you are caught drone-flying without the necessary permits, you face high fines and even imprisonment. Thai prisons are not fun!

For most camera drones, you need two registrations: First, from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), which handles the frequencies used by the drone. Second, by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), which registers all drone pilots.

So far it is not possible to complete the registrations before going to Thailand. This means you will need some luck to get your documents in time. In the following I explain to you how the procedures at NBTC and CAAT work.

Overview: Drone rules in Thailand

Recreational use of drones allowed? Yes, after registration or approval
Commercial use of drones permitted? Yes, after registration or approval
Maximum Altitude:90 Meter (295,3 Fuß) in uncontrolled airspace.
Is drone insurance mandatory? Yes, for private and commercial drone flights. Learn more about drone insurance here.
Does the drone need a badge?No.
Drone labels can be ordered here
Is a registration necessary? Yes.
Keep distance to airports
Respect the privacy of other people
Contact information

CAAT: 0066 (0) 2568 8815

[email protected]

Registration of drones in Thailand

In total, you need three documents to fly legally in Thailand: drone insurance, NBTC registration and CAAT registration. You should have these documents with you during all drone flights.

Get insurance

The insurance confirmation should be in English and contain the following data:

  • full name of the policyholder
  • brand, model, serial number and weight of the insured drone(s)
  • validity in Thailand must be clear
  • insurance coverage of at least THB 1 million (approx. EUR 30,000)

Register with the NBTC

Before the Corona pandemic, you had to go to one of the NBTC offices to register. Fortunately, this process has finally been digitized, so you can at least prepare this step before your trip to Thailand.

First you create an account here. After your email address has been confirmed, you can enter your contact details and your address in Thailand. However, for the actual registration of your drone, a photo of your entry card is required, which you will receive upon arrival. Therefore, you can only complete the NBTC registration in the country.

The cost of drone registration with the NBTC is about 214 baht.

If you fail to register with the NBTC and are caught by the police, you could face up to five years in prison or a fine of 100,000 THB (approx. 3,000 euros).

Register with the CAAT

You have to register your drone with the CAAT if it has a camera/recording equipment or – if it does not have recording equipment – weighs more than 2 kg.

You can only register with the CAAT once you have the approval of the NBTC. Since summer 2018, registration has been possible via the online platform uav.caat.or.th.

The relevant fields have been translated into English so that you should be able to fill out the forms quite easily. You will have to provide a lot of personal information during the process. In addition, you have to upload a signed self-declaration, a picture of the drone with the serial number on it and proof of your drone insurance. In addition, the CAAT requires a copy of your passport with the entry stamp. Several of our readers received rejections due to the lack of proof of entry. This means that you can only register once you have already entered the country.

After you have submitted the complete documents, the CAAT will check your application and carry out a background check with several security authorities to ensure that you have not yet committed any legal violations in Thailand. Since this can be very time-consuming, you have to expect a long processing time. The CAAT writes on its website that you will receive a notification within 15 working days. In practice, it can be shorter, but it can also take much longer. The good news is that if your registration was successful, it is valid for two years.

If you are caught flying without CAAT registration, you face up to 1 year imprisonment and / or 40,000 THB penalty (approx. 1,200 euros).

Frequently asked questions about drone rules in Thailand

I would like to answer the questions most commonly asked in the comments here:

  1. Do I have to register my DJI Spark / DJI Mavic Pro / … for my Thailand vacation?
    Yes, because these drones have a camera. You can find more information above.
  2. I am only visiting Thailand in transit and do not want to start my drone in the country. Can I get in trouble if I have no registration?
    There should be no problems. Customs are not interested in drones, and the registrations are only required for the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. However, there may be issues if the authorities get the impression that you want to resell the drone in Thailand (for example, if you import the drone in its original sealed packaging).
  3. I am flying to Thailand in a few weeks/days and would like to take my drone with me. Now I have read that I have to register. What can I do now?
    You should take out drone liability insurance and collect the above documents. At the moment you can only register if you are already in Thailand. But keep in mind that processing your application can take weeks and you may not receive your permits in time if you are in the country for only a short vacation.
  4. How long does it take to register with the CAAT?
    This varies and also seems to depend on the number of current applications. You can avoid a very long processing time by submitting all documents on time. Please keep in mind that processing at CAAT will only begin once you have approval from the NBTC.

Further regulations for operating multicopters in Thailand

After you have successfully registered yourself and your drone, there are of course other rules to follow

If you want to fly privately and no camera is mounted on your drone, the maximum take-off weight is 2 kg. With a higher weight you need approval from the CAAT. Drones weighing 25 kilograms or more need a separate permit from the Ministry of Transport.

Commercial pilots need permission for their flight maneuvers.

Safety distances and flight bans

You have to keep a distance of 9 kilometers (= 5 miles) to airports.

You can’t get closer than 50 meters to people, vehicles and buildings.

You must not fly near crowds of people. Flying over cities and villages is not allowed. Also avoid government buildings and hospitals.

You must always obtain permission from the property owner to take off and land. In practice, we usually solve this by asking the guards for permission or by asking at the information desk.

Your drone must always be kept within visual line of sight.

Drone flights are only allowed in daylight in Thailand, i.e. between sunrise and sunset.

The Thai rules also stipulate that you have an emergency plan. This includes having to carry a fire extinguisher with you. We have not yet found out whether this rule is enforced.

Good to know: Flights in Chiang Mai must be generally approved by air traffic control because the airport is so close to the city. We have obtained the appropriate permission. But you should call a few days before so that the people in the tower can coordinate with their bosses. Also, for flights over the historic park of Ayutthaya, approval is necessary. The Historical Park Office grants the permission, which is open daily from 8:30 to 16:30. According to the tourist information, the permit costs 5,000 baht.

We have researched the listed drone regulations for Thailand to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee the correctness of the information. If you want to be on the safe side, contact the Thai aviation authority. Alternatively, you can also ask the Thai embassy in your country for further information about the regulations. Please leave us a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your copter in Thailand!

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About the author

Since January 2015, we travel around the world. In our backpack we carry a camera drone which we use to capture the best places from a bird’s perspective. First we travelled with a DJI Phantom 2. But now we use a Yuneec Typhoon H. On our blog we share the best tips for you about travelling with a copter. If you have questions about this article or new information, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!


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  • SPREX 64 | 03.01.2018

    Well, gentlemen, I recommend that you read the drone law in article 5 (2) b!!!!!
    Obligation to respect the 3 AIP warnings!!!!!!! No more flights to Ayutthaya ( VTD) for almost the whole province and moreover almost all the tourist sites including the South Islands !!!!! I am very surprised that no one approaches the AIP !!! ( AIS/CAAT) have made an AIP application under google Earth in KMZ in addition to the ENR 5.1 route
    Go and see and you will be surprised at the number of VTP/VTR/VTDs banned from flying!!!!!! according to article 5 (2) b
    I made a PDF to simplify because the download is very difficult to find under Thai language the source is on
    and comes from https://ais.caat.or.th/
    Here is the KMZ score if you click start Google Earth https://www.dropbox.com/s/qbbqpd4jsf2dlnx/ENR%205%20AIP%20THAILAND%20%20CAAT%20Application%20Google%20Earth%20Kmz%20.pdf?dl=0

  • Bny | 04.01.2018

    Hello guys and thank you all for your contributions to the forum, is nice to have such support from the community. Now my enquire is the following: I don’t have time to apply to the CAAT because my trip to Thailand came unexpectedly, I still would like to do as much as possible to not get in trouble thus I will make a stop at a NBTC regional office to register with them. But does anyone has an update on how is the situation going with the license on regard of who of the two authorities (NBTC and CAAT) has the upper hand or if they already reach an agreement about the whole license process.

  • Eddy | 09.01.2018

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Thailand (koh Tao, koh samui, koh pipi, phuket and bangkok) went through airport with my mavic and spark in my backpack. No one care, didn’t ask a single question about it (also in flights inside Thailand) nobody said anything when I flew my drones there beside in one small island which was a national park which I didn’t know and I apologize and they said no harm done.
    Other than that, police saw me, hotel managers, civilians, tourist, etc. NO ONE CARES as long as you don’t bother them.

    Keep to yourself, don’t shoot in places you shouldn’t and have warnings such national parks. I also didn’t even tried to shoot in bangkok by the way.

    Other than that, have fun don’t worry to much. Didn’t had insurance, no caat anything basically. I was so worried when I went there cause of all the posts here and that my flight was in 2 weeks cause who the hell plans a vacation so long in advance for all this paperwork to be done?

    • Zhou | 10.01.2018

      That’s helpful, thanks

      • Idan | 10.01.2018

        My pleasure, just go. Follow the signs where it say it’s not allowed. Other than that… Have fun with your drone

        • Zhou | 18.01.2018

          I just end my vacation and came back from Phuket and we were right ,no one really cares about your drone at all.

          • eddy | 18.01.2018

            glad to hear.
            Everybody are just getting this all drone thing out of proportion

          • And | 18.01.2018

            What beaches did you fly?

    • Fredrik | 11.01.2018

      Hi Eddy,
      Thanks for your info, feels like it coolt to faly as long you respect people and nature.

      I will go to Koh Lanta next week hope to have same luck as you.

      • eddy | 12.01.2018

        exactly. where ever you can’t fly there is a big sign saying you can’t. Doesn’t hurt to ask also just to be on the safe side.

    • bernard | 12.01.2018

      Dear friend
      I am surprised that you give advice on this subject by not even being resident in Thailand and obviously do not know Thailand
      The Thai do not confrontation but phone and it goes very fast!

      The 2015 drone 2250 law is implemented and the government has given very strong warning signals to invite all drone owners to declare them to the authorities in charge including tourists regardless of their nationality under a visa (tourists ) !!!
      Tourists are part of it despite being difficult since there is a survey at the Immigration and Anti Drug Division (3 months)
      On this subject for this division it is forbidden to fly on border borders especially the Mekong for reasons easy to understand …
      It is not up to you to give advice that goes against the regulation of the country it is very badly appreciated !!!
      We are long stay residents with Thais family and must show the example to the allergy to the laws of this country !!!!

      I have enough contact with the CAAT and the NBTC to know that if the law is not respected there will be repression by sanction and the tariff will be severe !!!
      So please do not write this kind of thing you do not do service to the Drone community !!! in the USA or everywhere else you do not do it there is the same law on the same basis in all countries ….
      When your trip in your bag the drone no customs regulations do not forbid but against a radio transmitter 24 Gz you must register your drone Police or NBTC even if you
      do not fly it’s the law Ministerial Regulations and Act telecommunications in Thailand nothing to do with aviation

      For information and if you really know you in Drone operation you should know the AIP and the NOTAM which make force of law in each country and fortunately …
      here NER 5.1 Prohibited, Restriction and dangerous areas
      AIP Google application
      Thai authority aviation increase VTD areas still not notified in AIP but you can check by application goggle Earth where you can not fly and where you can see the Drone law Article 5 (2) VTP VTD and VTD included temporary VTD area if you want to be more welcome !! !
      For your information you can not fly this VTD areas !!!
      Ko Samoui
      Ko Tao
      ko Phangan
      ko phaluai
      Ko Phi Phi Don
      Ko May Thon
      ko kut
      Ko mak
      Ko Chang Thai
      Phuket (partial)
      Hua in
      Ko similand island
      Mai Khao
      Ko Phra Thong
      Ko Phayam
      Ko Tasai
      Ko Surin Tai
      Ko born
      ko taru Tao (partial)
      ko Kram Yai
      ko Lan (Partial)
      All border Custom Exepted North is Sirinthon

      • Allan | 12.01.2018

        If you have read the 2015 Thailand Drone act then you will also know that for Hobby usage flyers there is NO provision for having to be registered or have insurance. Only commercial usage or over 2kg require that. Also currently the law for airport’s is 5km. There a temporary order of 9km for the Kings cremation but that isn’t in force now.

        • bernard | 12.01.2018

          Sorry Class A -2kg with camera on board you must to record and provide insurance is it not wrote in the decret but CATT confirm that look for me My application have been blocked because I do not provide insurance …. Now is done !!! Tantawat Charoonpatrapong
          Caat wrote
          À moi
          I received you document already.
          However; about your insurance paperwork that we talked before, when you have it, you can send it via this e-mail.

          Thank you,

          On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 11:17 AM, atreg caat wrote:


          ธัญธวัช จรูญภัทรพงษ์ (Tantawat Charoonpatrapong)

          กองใบอนุญาตประกอบกิจการ ฝ่ายกำกับกิจการการบินพลเรือน ( ERD / TL )


          The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT)
          333/105 Lak Si Plaza, Khamphaeng Phet 6 Rd., Talat Bang Khen, Lak Si, Bangkok, Thailand 10210

          • Allan | 12.01.2018

            My point is I’m not a class A commercial flyer. I’m a Hobby usage flyer and it clearly states that I don’t need permission to fly or insurance. The camera part is in the commercial section NOT in the hobby usage section. There simple is no current law forcing Hobby usage flyers to get CAAT registration and insurance. Only NBTC registration.

          • allan Lever | 13.01.2018

            Bernard. You seem buddy with CAAT etc. Can you get them to tell you in writing where EXACTLY the law states that hobby usage flyers require registration and insurance. I don’t mean them telling you verbally, But where they have pointed out in writing the particular clause in the law. I have tried 5 times via email and messenger and gotten nothing! also IF they can highlight the exact clause for hobby flyers is it only for video cameras etc (not FPV). Thanks Al

        • bernard | 13.01.2018

          Sorry no 5 km but Airport is (g) must not fly within 9 km (5 nautical miles) from airport or temporary airfield is clearly write in Act BE B.E. 2558 (A.D. 2015) And AIP restriction Areas Shown 18 km VTD !!!!! Aviation authority increase the area you can check !!!!

        • bernard | 17.07.2018

          What I can do it for you Only to shown my License arrived only today after 8 months and too many verification and fill up more documents by CAAT and I insist if you drone have camera you must to record and obtain the license for -2kg and Hobby
          Good look


      • eddy | 12.01.2018

        I’m joining Allan in his response and adding that unfortunately (or not), I do not plan my trips 3-6 month in advance! I am currently live in Shanghai by the way and over here there are much harder laws, and you don’t want to mess with the Chinese, and still. I fly my drone with caution (even inside malls by the way when asking permission). So, just ASK for permission if you are not sure, most likely they will say yes and if not, just do not fly it. I did not said do despite and fly in their face. I fly as a hobby, in a family and private vacation.
        be respectful of course. But do not limit yourself without asking, just like asking a girl out, the worst she can do is to say no.

  • Idan | 09.01.2018

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Thailand (koh Tao, koh samui, koh pipi, phuket and bangkok) went through airport with my mavic and spark in my backpack. No one care, didn’t ask a single question about it (also in flights inside Thailand) nobody said anything when I flew my drones there beside in one small island which was a national park which I didn’t know and I apologize and they said no harm done.
    Other than that, police saw me, hotel managers, civilians, tourist, etc. NO ONE CARES as long as you don’t bother them.

    Keep to yourself, don’t shoot in places you shouldn’t and have warnings such national parks. I also didn’t even tried to shoot in bangkok by the way.

    Other than that, have fun don’t worry to much. Didn’t had insurance, no caat anything basically. I was so worried when I went there cause of all the posts here and that my flight was in 2 weeks cause who the hell plans a vacation so long in advance for all this paperwork to be done?

  • Arpish | 10.01.2018

    That country is not tourist friendly anymore, the law they got is out of the blue. 5 years prison extremely much money in fine.
    It not a murder that have been committed by fly a drone.

    • Arpish | 10.01.2018

      Btw can anyone tell someone that end up in prison or got heavy fine for drone flight in this country ???

      • bernard | 12.01.2018

        No ! Sir but coming probably ticket only …
        Could you tell me if USA, France German and any countries in the world you have somebody pay or Go in prison ?

  • Fredrik | 12.01.2018

    Hi Can someone help me with this UAV-Registration-Application-Form.
    Part 4 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle information
    !!!! (3) Registration mark

    • Allan | 12.01.2018

      Serial number

      • bernard | 12.01.2018

        Sorry !
        (3) Registration marks Model W3228
        (4) S/N Serial No. P77DDA2 xxxxx S/N

    • bernard | 12.01.2018

      Part 4 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle information

      (1) Aircraft Type / Manufacture name PHANTOM 3 ADVANCE / DJI
      (2) Number of Engine / Rotors 1 X 4 Rotors
      (3) Registration marks Model W3228
      (4) Serial No. P77DDA2 xxxxx
      (5) Weight – including battery and propellers (Kgs) 1.780 kg
      (6) Equipment List Engine /Batterie/Consol/Chargeur
      (7) Maximum Operating Altitude (Meter) 280 m by construction /Safety 120 m by DJI
      (8) Radio Controller Frequency / Additional 2.4 GHz /Consol model GL300CEquipment Engine /GPS/Camera 4K/Batterie/Consol/Chargeur
      Part 5 Insurance Information MITARE Insurance N° License PP0018939 Plan 2

  • bernard | 13.01.2018

    Allan Lever Sorry replay your post impossible
    I try to give explanation why all Drone -2Kg with camera have to be registered and not specify in the Act BE 2558
    Bernard. You seem to buddy with CAAT etc. Can you get to know where to write? I do not mean them telling you verbally, but where they have pointed out in the particular clause in the law. I have tried 5 times via email and messenger and gotten nothing! also they can highlight the exact clause for hobby flyers is not only for video cameras etc (not FPV). Thanks Al

    Alan, I’m not more friends with them than you but I’m resident and can approach them more easily
    The Drone Division of Caat does not have a specialist in person who collect the application only the secretariat and are unable to answer my questions too sophisticated as the AIP and its regulation that we follow …
    Recall Act BE 2558 (AD 2015) was released in 2015 from 2016 some agencies intervened because concerned and asked CAAT to strengthen the regulation on -2kg which actually were not subject to declaration and insurance in the act CAAT. Lawyers have intervened on the issue of privacy with the onboard camera that can take extremely accurate images and distribute illegally. The risks of accidents with -2kg and very high demanding insurance like many countries in their drone law
    CAAT has therefore issued a notification by several information showing that all drones equipped with a camera must be declared to CAAT. The registration process indicates good insurance Certain inphography not translated into English and especially never broadcast massively in the media which is confusing if you take all the important newspapers of Thailand the computer graphics well record for all drones even -2kg
    A second form was introduced in the registration for immigration control and the Anti-Drug Division which explains the length of the process estimated at 45 days but now exceeding 60 days
    Regarding the BNTC Radio Recording ca has nothing to do
    Every issuer must be declared in Thailand
    It is confirmed that the owner of the drone equipped with a camera must register with CAAT accordingly provision insurance

    For information the documents issued by the Thai authorities ministry and government agencies have the force of law and are legal and in this subject the CAAT and its director has all power to limit or modify the regulation. Please look some complementary infographie from CAAT ( 2016-2017) https://www.dropbox.com/home/LOI%20DRONE%20UAV%20WORLF%20EUROPA/CAAT%20AIP%20REGULATION?preview=Infographic-RPA-regulation-eng.pdf

    • Allan | 13.01.2018

      So exactly my point. There is no law in Thailand stating that Hobby usage Drone users need to register or get insurance!

      • bernard | 14.01.2018

        Alan The Act BE 2558 (2015 ) issued is guideline for government and ministry have the power to issue any regulation by Royal Decree, Announcement or notification !!! every Provincial government with Governor have the power to forbid flight drone…
        The story is not finish about article 5 (2) b of Act AIP prohibited, restricted and dangerous areas can not fight Apparently nobody user drone know this requirement AIS/CAAT in charge AIP provide a application map to check where you can not fly To many areas have been added in VTD status I prepare data base about that but not easy to extract from Google earth hard job ; Again please look this AIP Map and tell me what is you think and point of view No Fly Drone AIP restricted areas
        ISLAND Thailand
        No Fly as ar AIP
        Ko Chang
        Ko Prayam
        Ko Ra
        Ko Phra Thong
        Ko Surin Tai
        Ko Surin Nua
        Ko Tasai
        Ko Born
        Ko Similan
        Ko Payang
        Ko Phuket 90%
        Ko Mai Thon
        Ko Phi phi Don
        ko Phaluai
        Ko Samui
        Ko Katen
        Ko Phangan
        Ko Tao
        Ko Thalu 20%
        Ko Lan 8%
        Ko Khram Yai
        Ko Samae San 25%
        Ko Ta Ru Tao 60%
        Ko Sukon 20%

        • Allan | 14.01.2018

          And yet the CAAT cannot provide the relevant law to someone when they ask. The 2015 Thai Drone act is VERY clear that Hobby usage does not require registration or insurance. To change that the CAAT need amend the 2015 Drone act, they haven’t!

  • bernard | 14.01.2018

    No !!! Do not need to amend the BE 2558 it is not Act but Announcement regulation !!!! because have the power by Article 24 of the Air Navigation Act B.E. 2497 amended 2009 ! What is wrote in the Act ?
    Article 23 – Section 23. No person shall use a photograph apparatus in or from an Aircraft by any means whatsoever unless written permission has been obtained from the Competent Official.
    IT IS WHY CAAT request all drone with camera must be registered …
    For unregistered aircraft (UAV) or DANA

    Derrick has to register every case.
    Drones weighing more than 2 kg must be registered in all cases.
    Drones weighing more than 25 kg must be approved by the Minister of Transport.
    The simple conclusion is that the weight is no more than 2 kg. Used for hobbies No registration required. But if the camera is installed must register all cases. If there is no camera, but weigh between 2 – 25 kg, must register. The case weighs 25 kg or more. Must be approved by the Minister of Transport.
    Section 24 – Section 24. No person shall control or release a pilotless Aircraft
    or release a Parachute unless written permission has been obtained from the Minister and the conditions specified by the Minister are complied with.
    I tell you ready all Thais Mass media relate this requirement by large advertisement Infography
    why you want to be right ????? What I can do it for you ? and surprise never you talk about AIP Restriction Why ??? It is major point for all world areas …
    never mind
    It is clearly Write by CAAT here in english !!!
    Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Registration
    Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Regulation
    20 February 2017
    RPA to be registered
    – RPA with camera installed must be registered with no exceptions.
    – RPA over 2 KGs must be registered with no exceptions
    Please, look Thai Medias and facebook specific page from CAAT give this information !!!

  • Norman | 16.01.2018

    what if i will just bring my mavic but no intent of flying in Thailand, do i have to register? Also can I fly in Bagan? My destination is Bagan, my entry and exit point is in Bangkok.

  • Norman | 16.01.2018

    If I will not fly in Bangkok, do I need to register my mavic? My main destination is Bagan.

  • Adam West | 17.01.2018

    “Article 23 – Section 23. No person shall use a photograph apparatus in or from an Aircraft by any means whatsoever unless written permission has been obtained from the Competent Official.”

    I’ve been a bad boy. Taking pics from the plane while landing or flying over Thailand. I must be punished.

    Just register your drone guys. Stop talking about it and just do it…… Only if you want to not land in the shit I suppose.
    I know it’s silly to register quadcopters for personal or recreational use but we all know that bureaucrats always take things out of proportions when making laws, especially in Thailand where the feudal mentality still persists among the classes of people etc. It makes the High up people feel big and important and so on and keeps the peasants in check. I always get in trouble with the missus for voicing rational western opinions at times that go counter to backwards Thai customs. This is really what it’s all about in part.
    What I don’t get is that you can fly the same drone, say a P3 advanced without camera and it doesn’t need registration. Add a camera and it does. That does not make sense. I can understand the thing about commercial use, that would make sense but recreational use? It’s not like they are spy drones with their wide angel cameras and short flight times.
    Draconian drone law abound world wide and are getting worse and ever more restrictive. Which is sad. If governments really want these things registered and have people follow the regulations then they are going to have to step up and make it a process that is simple, efficient and covers all bases and is cost effective. But Thailand…… nuff said on that.

    Funnily, in all my travels both abroad and at home I have never come across another drone. Except once which was a big one operated by a real estate agent taking pics for their work in Brisbane. No others were encountered flown by hobbyists.
    The question is, if it’s such a big thing or problem where are they. I would be expecting the sky to be black with them and causing deaths by the hundred on a daily basis.
    I can’t believe I’m building a house in Chinagrai over the next few years. I told my wife I’m done with the place… LoL….. Next you know the NBCT or whatever will be looking for people listing to the BBC world service via illicit short wave radios

  • Eastrell Lae Estela Rombo | 19.01.2018

    Hi, I’m planning to visit Thailand two weeks from now, I’ll bring with me my phantom but I will not fly it there,do I still need to register it? Will there be any problems if I don’t?

    • bernard | 23.01.2018

      Hello !
      Probably you will not have any problem with your drone if you do not flight !!! but remember the law in Thailand is very clear All devices radio transmitter telecommunication shall be recorded to authority by channel NBTC ou Royal police office 5 minute to do that !!! If you are non resident ( tourist) I think no necessary but be care Today flexibility tomorrow may be will be hard when the first incident will coming and it will be coming !!!! ….

  • Robin | 26.01.2018

    That shitty Test Report is true. I went to NBTC in Bangkok. I have a racing drone with me but i will not pay 10.000 bath so i will carry my 10 kg equpment through the next 6 weeks. That suck so.much

    • And | 31.01.2018

      That’s precise report, not shitty 🙂 You can fly, but it depends on where you will do that and how hard balls you have. On islands you don’t have to have iron balls though

  • Emilie | 28.01.2018

    I am going to Thailand & Cambodia on March 29th.. last minute trip and wanted to bring my drone.. didn’t realize it takes so long to get registered!

    If i bring my drone, could i stop by the police station and The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT)
    Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) in Bangkok
    to get my drone registered while i am staying there?

    i will get the insurance a head of time in my country, but just curious if i can get the rest done in person!


  • Palina Osk | 29.01.2018

    Hi I wanted to ask, if I buy drone in Thailand? How is the rules then ?

    • And | 31.01.2018

      The same, with no need to do additionall mess at NBTC, but you have to order pilot license as declared.

  • itcow | 29.01.2018

    We visited Chiang Mai from 27 to 29 Jan 2018. We brought 2 x phantom 4 and 2 x Mavic with a total of 12 batteries. We also had a osmo and x3 camera from the inspire 1. All in 2 x think tank airport bags. Landed atChiang Mai international airport. Was instructed to checked through 1 bag with 1 x phantom 4 with 3 batteries and 1 x mavic with 3 batteries into the X Ray. The guy at the x Ray screen called out “drone”. And that’s it. Nothing happened. We were on our way the next second. Took a Turk TIL to our hotel near Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai.

    Note Huay Tung Tao Reservoir must not be flown at. We almost flew and a helicopter came hovering about. We cancelled all flying at the reservoir.

    • bernard | 01.02.2018

      FY !!! All areas Around Huay Tung Tao Lake are under restriction !!!!!!! ( As per AIP MAP ENT51 provided by Authority AIS/CAAT Art 5 (b) 2 Done law
      Advanced Aviation Co., Ltd., South Rim, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
      ID 35 Temporaly_Location Advanced Transportation Company, South Rim, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
      F3 18
      F4 54
      F5 38.62
      F6 98
      F7 55
      F8 57.06
      Latitude 18 ° 54 ‘38.62 ”
      Longitude 98 ° 55 ‘57.06 ”
      X 98.932517
      Y 18.910728
      BUFF_DIST 5

  • Emilie | 29.01.2018

    I am planning on going to Thailand on March 29th- april 25th.. we don’t have time to register our drone, could we go to the CAAT or NBCT or police station to register while we arrive in person?

  • Stefan Ong | 30.01.2018

    I am just back from Phuket, Thailand in January 2018 and brought my drone with me.

    1) The Custom officials did not even bat an eye on my drone. In fact, they did not even look at the X-Ray screen and they are just playing with their phone. I did not register my drone either.

    2) Flying in Phi Phi Island is fine, I shot some nice photos there. But other touristy places and island hopping trips is a no-go!

    3) But It is really not practical to fly when going to Island hopping trips.

    4) Did not manage to shoot in Patong Beach because I did not get to stay in the exclusive resort near the beach.

    In general,

    1) Take risk in taking your drone. There is nothing to lose. The worst thing that can happen to you is to get your drone confiscated.

    2) Find a hotel near the beach and ask if you can fly drones there. Maybe try to find an exclusive resort with private beach and ask if you are allowed to fly drones. Usually they allow you.

    3) Don’t bring your drone to Island hopping trips. There is simply not enough time and most of them are located in National Parks. Drones are not allowed in National Park and there is simply too much people to fly your drone comfortably.

    4) Use your common sense when flying a drone, Just don’t annoy people!!

    5) Try looking for a good driver to take you to beaches with literally no people.

    6) Be nice to people when flying your drone and do not take it like droning is your God-given right.

    Well, If you want to drone in Thailand, just look for empty beaches and off-the-beaten path and you will be fine. Just don’t go around buzzing in James Bond Island or Maya Bay.

  • Nigel | 31.01.2018

    Exactly the same except the shop may hep yu with the paperwork.

  • Frederik Koeppe | 01.02.2018


    here some information about how i got my drone license. Finally after 3 monts i got it.

    Maybe it can help some people.

  • Artem | 01.02.2018

    Hello, guys! What about hand made racing drones? It has only course camera and has weight less then 0.5kg.
    Do I need any registrations?

  • Gilbert Alvarado | 02.02.2018

    Hi, I’m a Filipino (so a Foreigner in Thailand). I have plans to go to Phuket Andaman White Beach Resort in September. However, in your article and anywhere in the website (forms), there’s is no instructions on how Foreigners or Non-residents can obtain these Permits. I do have all the Forms you posted filled up already, but where can I send them? So that I can have this processed and approved before I reach Phuket in September.

    Good news is I have time to take care of this, but can only take care of it ONLINE. But there is no instructions on that here.

    I hope I won’t need to go there first for my Application/Request to be processed and approved. Because that will be impractical.

    I hope somebody here can help me.

  • Stefan Ong | 05.02.2018

    I brought my drone over to Thailand in January 2018.

    Disclaimer: Don’t sue me if your drone is confiscated.

    1) I did not face any issues with bringing my drone to Phuket, Thailand. In fact, the Thai customs are actually looking at their

    2) The problem is more about where you can actually fly your drone in thailand. I don’t have any problems flying in Phi Phi Island. I asked the receptionist in the hotel and they told me that it’s really no problem.

    3) I would recommend renting your own boats if you want to fly drones from the boat and tell the boatman to stop for you when island hopping in the Phi Phi Island, provided that you actually stay in the island. but you should negotiate with the boatman to ensure that they stop over to allow you to fly your drone and negotiate with the park rangers if problems arise while flying your drone on the boat. If you have phantom drones, it is fine since they have a handle. though I do have to admit that flying with a mavic from a longtail boat is a pain especially if you take the cheap tours where you are not alone. However, flying in Maya bay is a No-go!!

    3) You should try to fly drones in resorts near the beach. I don’t think that the staff will ban you since you are a paying customer. I guess you probably should just fly in the resort compound.

    4) Flying in James bond Island and the surrounding area is a no-go!! It is clearly posted on the islands itself. Though I think that it is quite possible to fly your drone in Naka Island if you do it quietly.

    Most people worry too much about bringing their drone to Thailand. The worst thing that could happen when bringing your drone is get confiscated at the customs.

  • Simone | 07.02.2018

    Please, i have some doubts… Number of Engine/rotors
    Registration Marks/; What is this?

    I don’t have the areas to fly.. not yet. I am from Brazil, and going to Thai on April. Thank you!

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